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Sexual intercourse is an activity that is proven to increase harmony in the household. Unfortunately, not every partner can engage in sexual activity regularly. One of the causes is low sexual desire or libido. This cannot be denied, everyone can experience a decrease in sexual desire.

Male Extra Ireland is the best male enhancement pill that can help you to restore all your lost sexual performance. Restore the strength of your erection to be bigger, stronger, and longer lasting.

You shouldn't hesitate to try these pills. It has been more than a decade that Male Extra has been at the top for male enhancement pills products because it has proven to provide tangible results. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have proven their strength. And they managed to become champions in bed to overwhelm their partners.

Male Extra Ireland is formulated from selected natural ingredients of the highest quality which of course have been researched for years, proven to provide tangible benefits to improve overall male sexual performance.

There are no side effects to worry about because all ingredients are safe natural ingredients. As long as you consume it correctly according to the recommended dosage and rules, you will definitely get good results.

Male Extra Ireland is a male enhancement pill that has the most complete benefits to overcome various problems of your sexuality. Restoring all of your decreased masculinity, makes you more confident and has the ability to satisfy your partner in bed, Higher sexuality, stronger erections, and longer endurance make you a real man in front of your partner, which can make the relationship more harmonious.

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Benefits And How Male Extra Works

Male Extra Ireland has natural ingredients that have been tested to be very effective in helping increase blood flow to your penile tissue when erect, so that you will get a bigger, stronger, and longer erection. You will have a longer endurance to manage when you want to reach your orgasm.

The Male Extra formulation is also intended to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood, making it possible to widen blood vessels and improve oxygen distribution throughout your body. The wider the blood vessels, the stronger the blood flow that is produced, and your erection will be stronger and longer lasting.

Gives A Bigger And Harder Erection

A big and strong erection is one of the keys to your sexual satisfaction with your partner. With a firm erection you can satisfy your partner even more to the point of getting him hooked and asking for more and more.

Satisfying Orgasm

A stronger erection can lead to more intense and enjoyable orgasms. When you have an orgasm, the contractions you feel will be stronger and longer so that you can enjoy your oegasme process more.

Higher Stamina And Endurance

Male Extra Ireland has a formulation that can increase your sexual stamina and endurance. Makes you not easily tired and very excited to make love with your partner. That way you will be able to last longer in bed and ensure the satisfaction of your partner until he orgasms.

Higher Sex Drive

Decreased sexual desire can lead to reduced intimacy with your partner. But with your good sexual performance, of course your sexual arousal will increase because you feel you really enjoy it and have the ability to satisfy your partner. In fact you will want it every day.

More Confident

You will have higher self-confidence if you have a good sexual ferforma, especially when dealing with your partner. You will feel like a real man who can always satisfy your partner when making love. That way your relationship and your partner will be more harmonious and not many problems will occur. Male Extra Ireland really changes your sexual life for the better.

Advantages Of Male Extra

Easy To Use

How to consume Male Extra Ireland is quite easy, you can take 3 capsules every day regularly with your breakfast or lunch. You just have to wait for the results to get bigger and harder erections, and a better sex life.

Provides Fast Results

The average customer claims to get an increase after one week of using Male Extra regularly. And the peak of their sexual performance improvement can be reached within 1-2 months after using this product.

No Prescription Required

You don't need to make a doctor's visit and ask for a special prescription to get Male Extra Ireland. This product is a natural product that you can buy whenever you want. You can order it online on the official website.

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100 Day Money Back Guarantee

male extra money back guarantee

Male Extra Ireland is so confident in his strength that he can provide you with a 100-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you get, you can return the empty Male Extra bottle that you have used for 100 days + another unopened bottle if you buy more. You will get a full 100% refund according to the product price that you have previously paid for.

This guarantee will not apply if you buy Male Extra for one month supply. For products that have not been opened when returned, they must be intact and still sealed properly to qualify for your refund. The guarantee applies to one order per customer.

Male Extra Ingredients

male extra natural ingredients


Problems that often make it difficult for men to make love are blood flow that is not smooth and stressful. Eating pomegranate regularly will cause smooth blood flow because this fruit contains nitrate compounds. In addition, the stress level in the body also decreases slowly. That way your sexual performance will increase if you regularly consume Pomegranate.

L-Arginine HCL

In the body, arginine is converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide plays a role in widening blood vessels, so that blood can flow more smoothly and produce bigger and stronger erections. In addition, arginine also plays a role in stimulating the release of growth hormone.


This ingredient is a natural aphrodisiac which is very effective in increasing sexual desire and sexual stamina. according to some research this ingredient is also effective for increasing libido and sexual stamina in men quickly.


Zinc is a strong ingredient to increase the production of testosterone in the body naturally. The testosterone hormone is very important for male sexuality because it can increase sexual arousal and overall sexual performance.


Niacin can improve blood circulation and reduce constriction which is the cause of erectile dysfunction. The smoother circulation allows you to get bigger and stronger erections and last longer.


MSM is a source of organic sulfur, which can help with many metabolic activities thereby promoting cellular health which is important in recovery. In addition, MSM has roles such as reducing oxidative stress, increasing sexual strength, lowering cholesterol, vasodilation, etc. There is research that suggests MSM may also have anti-cancer properties.


It works to prevent the conversion of histidine to the hormone histamine, with lowering histamine levels helping to delay ejaculation so you can last longer when having sex with a partner.

Male Extra User Testimonials

male extra testimonials joseph


I have been using this product for 2 months. What all I got was a bigger and harder erection increase, and I was also able to last longer while making love to my partner. I will use up my supply of 3 more bottles for maximum results. I am very satisfied in one try and will not switch to another product.

male extra testimonials daniel


I have been using Male Extra for 2 months, in the first 20 days I started to notice an increase in my penis which was getting firmer, and as I entered the 30th day, I really got the strength of the erections I wanted. I have proven it.

male extra testimonials ansar


I consume it regularly and it makes my erections harder and my sex drive increases significantly. Male Extra gives me real and perfect results after I use it. And Male Extra is completely natural, I have no bad side effects.

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How To Buy Male Extra In Ireland

To buy Male Extra Ireland, you can only buy it on the Male Extra Official Website, because Male Extra is not sold in other online stores, you can directly visit the official website and order online to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

For one bottle of Male Extra, you can get it for €49.99. You can use one bottle of Male Extra to supply for one month.

The more you buy, you will get a bigger discount and you can get a free erection gel bonus.

➣ 3 MONTHS SUPPLY + 1 FREE ERECTION GEL, you can get it for €99.99

➣ 5 MONTHS SUPPLY + 2 FREE ERECTION GELS, you can get it for €149.99

➣ 12 MONTHS SUPPLY + 4 FREE ERECTION GELS, you can get it for €299.99

By buying more at once, you get a much cheaper price than the unit price.

Fast & Free World Wide Shipping including Ireland. There are several payment methods provided, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Your order will be delivered confidentially and very securely, there is no product description outside the package. Your personal data is highly protected.

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